Registration Competitors

All Competitiors

You create your personal account as well as register participation in the European Championship portal: Smoothcomp. (external link below) In Smoothcomp, under the “Registration” tab you can also see other registered competitors.


Before the European Championship starts.

  • SENIOR – It is mandatory for all Senior competitors in Kumite (18 years and over) to hand over to the EC-organiser a signed “Doctors Certificate”.
  • MINOR – For all competitiors in Kumite, 14-17 years it is mandatory to hand over a signed “Parents Permission”
    Download and fill in this form: PDF: Parents Permission

This can also be sent separately to the EC-organiser by email.
For competitors from Sweden it is mandatory for all competitors in kumite to hand over to the EC-organiser valid ID-card from SKF or SKOFF.

Competitors Fee:

Kumite: 500 SEK
Kata: 500 SEK
Kumite and Kata: 800 SEK